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HTML Editors for Web Developers:

An HTML editor is just like computer program for editing HTML,  however every HTML markup of webpage  could written with ant text editor, particular html editors can provide accommodation and appended functionality. For example, many html editors working with it not only they are using html but also using with relevant technologies such as XML, CSS and Java or some ECMAScript.

Occasionally they are handling with remote web servers via WebDAV and FTP.

There are many editors working as a professionally, most of the users are using for HTML editing such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, CoffeeCup free editor, Komodo IDE, Expression Web and EditPlus. Over all Dreamweaver and coffeecup editors using very high for  code editing. Who knows perfectly coding they can simply use Notepad or TextEdit.

Though, for learning HTML we suggested a text editors like Note pad in PC or TextEdit in MAC.

Using simple text editors is good way to learn HTML, we can believe it. Follow the simple steps to make your first webpage with note pad.

Step1: Open Notepad in window 7 or 8 and earlier version of window XP.

Step2: Go to run programmer and search Note pad and open note pad screen and now start to simple HTML code For Practice. just type on the note pad following code.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<h1>My First Website</h1>
<p>My first Page.</p>


Step3:  Now we have to save the web page on your computer, just simply select file> choose Save as in the Note pad menu. While saving just choose the file name “any of your require name.html”  UTF-8 is the preferred encoding for HTML files. ANSI encoding covers US and western European characters only.


Note: you can able to save file either “.html” or “.htm”. there is no difference in that file extension.

Step 4: Open saved html file in any of your browser and then see the results what would you done.


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